Are you a carer?

Many people help out friends or family and don’t realise they are a carer.  Perhaps you’re always the person who takes your neighbour to the doctor or hospital appointments, and picks up their prescriptions, or maybe you get all the shopping in for your mum as it’s more difficult now for her to get to the shops.

Maybe you pop in to see your dad before work just to make sure he’s up and dressed, or maybe you have had to give up work to look after a partner as they are no longer able.  Whatever the situation and whether you deal with this on your own on with others, you may be an unpaid carer, and help, support and advice is available.

Caring for someone can happen very suddenly – sometimes overnight – or you may find yourself doing more and more over many months and years. Although it can be rewarding, looking after someone can affect your physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as having an impact on your finances and social life.

This short quiz below has been produced to help you identify if you are a carer, to signpost you to support that is available locally, and to help you decide if you would benefit from an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or a Young Carers Statement (YCS).