Aberdeen Carers Support Service

If you provide unpaid care to someone in the Aberdeen City area, then you have come to the right place for support, advice and information.

Welcome and thanks for taking that first step. We strongly believe that carers services should be places where we work alongside carers to create and develop the services that are suited to their needs. And what that means is, we want to work with you, for you.

What we can help with

Aberdeen Carer Centre offers information and advice based on individual circumstances, because we know each caring role is unique.

You might have been caring for a week or a year or ten years when you come through our door and ask to be recognised as a carer. This first conversation can be difficult and emotional, which is why our staff team are highly trained and knowledgeable people who can walk you through this experience with care and compassion.

We will chat with you about your cared-for person, what you do in your caring role, what have you given up, how are you feeling and any negative impact your caring role has had on your health and wellbeing. It may be that you would benefit from some training or we can add you to our newsletter and you may not need support at that time. You can be registered at any point in your caring experience. If there are areas in your life that you are not managing, we will offer the training and support that you need. There is no threshold for entry into support and we’re here to support you.

What to expect

For any carer getting in touch, your first point of contact will be the person who look at your referral. They look at the referral information, and once it is established that someone is a carer, we talk through how to register as an unpaid carer and what support can look like.

We will link you with a Carer Advisor or Family Wellbeing Worker, and your needs will be assessed and an Adult Carer Support Plan will be offered to work through with them. We know Aberdeen and will look to the area that they live in to work with them to identify local support and services.

Carers can have many choices and decisions to make and some of the more common enquiries relate to:

  • The importance of respite
  • Financial support
  • The needs of specific conditions
  • What to do when a person is discharged from hospital

We’ll continue to add to our resources section with practical help and support.

COVID-19 and its effect on unpaid carers

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