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Carers Trust's Excellence for Carers Quality Award

We are proud to share the exciting news that we have achieved the Carers Trust’s Excellence for Carers Quality Award. This is given to partner charities within the Carers Trust Network that are able to demonstrate an existing excellence of service to unpaid carers and a culture that fosters continuous improvement. Carers Trust developed the award so that charities within its Network are continually evaluating and improving the quality of services, thereby improving the quality of life for unpaid carers across the UK. It follows a rigorous assessment of our services to unpaid carers, as well as the quality of our leadership, staff, internal processes, and engagement with key local partners and stakeholders.

Charities achieving the Carers Trust standard must demonstrate quality of service to unpaid carers across ten key areas, including signposting to sources of support and information, formal and informal advocacy, peer support and emotional support, and working with and on behalf of carers.

In making the award, Carers Trust said in its report that: “The service is relatively new, having launched comparatively recently and having dealt with challenging circumstances in relation to the pandemic. The team have done an incredible job of building the service to where it is. They demonstrated a really positive approach to staff wellbeing, and there is a shared learning culture and a good support structure for all staff. Whilst there was a recognition that resource does place limits on the service, it was very evident that the team have ‘big dreams’ and want to do the very best that they can for carers. As well as signalling the quality of its services for unpaid carers, the Aberdeen Carers Support Service award means its partners, and stakeholders commissioning services from the charity, can be confident they are partnering with an organisation that has best practice hard-wired into its organisational DNA.”

Rohati Chapman, Executive Director of Programmes & Impact at Carers Trust, said that the award demonstrated the commitment of everyone at Aberdeen Carers Support Service in providing consistently high-quality services to unpaid carers, and that it also recognises all the hard work put in by our staff to achieve this award.

This award means so much to all of us at Aberdeen Carers Support Service. We are passionate about what we do and will continue working to make sure our service is meeting the needs of our unpaid carers.

Art sessions and exhibition

From January to March 2023, we ran online art sessions for carers, funded by Creative Scotland and in partnership with Findhorn Bay Arts. Jen Cantwell, a multi-disciplinary illustrator, artist, designer, and maker provided gentle tasks for participants to carry out and continue developing between sessions. Carers got involved in making paper collages with images and text, composite creatures, embroidered photos and postcards, 3D collage in matchboxes and on luggage tags, and book art.