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Adult Carer Support Plan

What is an ACSP, why do you need one, how can it help and how do you go about getting one.

Adult Carer Support Plan (Polish)

Polish translation of our ACSP factsheet.

Community Care

What is Community Care and how do you access it in Moray.

Coping with Falls

Understand why someone might fall, what you can do to reduce the likelihood of it happening and where to get help if required.

Coping with the Ups and Downs

A brief insight into negativity and how to make a positive change.

Finding Better Balance

Discover useful tips and techniques to help manage those times you feel anxious, stressed or just generally out of balance with life.

First Aid

Discover how to cope with basic emergency first aid situations.


The what, why and how of guardianship.

Keeping your back healthy

Back injuries happen when you least expect them. This booklet will help you be more aware of your back and keeping it healthy.

Making Contact

What happens when you get in touch with the service initially.

Power of Attorney

The what, why and how of establishing Power of Attorney.

Advance Statement

Sample Advance Statement document.

Sample Advance Directive

Sample Advance Directive document.

The Law and Carers

A brief look at relevant legislation that impacts unpaid carers.

What to expect when contacting the service

Registration, support planning, delivery timescales and how we use your information.

What to expect when contacting the service (Polish)

Polish translation of out What to expect when contacting the service factsheet.

When Someone Dies

What needs to happen initially when someone dies.

End of Daze

This booklet will explain why it‘s important to plan in advance and prevent the ‘daze‘ that often descends when end of life is near. 

Getting started with Zoom

Simple instructions on how to access Zoom meetings.

Emergency Planning

 This booklet will help you understand the concept of Emergency Planning and how it can be of benefit to you, those you care for and anyone else involved. 

Balancing the Budget

 In this day and age it is more important than ever to keep an eye on finances. This booklet will help you do just that and steer you in the direction of further support if you need it. 

Emergency Texts

Text 999 for help in an emergency.  If you are finding it hard to hear or speak, sending a text in an emergency may be your best way to attract help. 

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